10 Amazing Gingerbread Cookie Designs For Christmas

It’s the time of year where you gather up the kids around the kitchen to make some delicious homemade treats for the holidays. Some people like to make tasty gingerbread cookies with their children, with the hopes of leaving the cookies out for Santa Claus to eat at night when he delivers presents. Other people enjoy making gingerbread cookies simply because they enjoy doing so. Here’s a way to take your gingerbread cookies to the next level with some amazing gingerbread cookie designs.

Day of the Dead

These cookies are very colorful and extremely different than the ordinary gingerbread cookie. The cookie combines two different holidays together, Christmas and the Day of the Dead.


You can create reindeer gingerbread cookies by turning the cookie upside down and decorating it. The kids will love it, plus it fits with the Christmas holiday theme.