10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence

We like to think that we are the only intelligent, self-aware animals on our planet, but we are terribly wrong. Intelligence and self-awareness is every where, right down to the quantum level, and every being in our planet radiates from it. Each animal within our ecosystem is gifted with a certain kind of intelligence that allows it to survive and thrive in its conditions. This intelligence is often mistaken for instinct, but there is a very clear distinction between the two. Here is a list of 10 amazing facts that highlight animal intelligence.

Wolves Copy Better Than Dogs

Wolves are the ancestors of dogs and they are a highly intelligent breed of canine. According to a study published in the Plus One Journal, wolves are better at learning new things than dogs. Fourteen 6-month old wolves and fifteen 6-month old dogs were made to observe a trained dog opening a box and getting a reward for the act. After the observation, when the pups were made to attempt this activity themselves, all the wolves got it right while only 10 dogs made their way to the food. We all know how distracted dogs can get, right!

Lemurs Can Steal Food From Your Plate

A fascinating study showed how intelligent lemurs were in understanding human abilities in order to feed themselves. A small group of blind-folded humans were left with food on their plate while another group had no blind-folds while guarding their food. The lemurs were quickly able to understand the purpose of the blind-folds and made their way to the food when they were with the blind-folded participants.