10 Amazing Cakes That You Wouldn’t Want To Eat

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The most creative cakes are actually so much out of this world, sometimes you actually wonder if there’s a possibility the cake makers are faking it. Maybe the cakes are actually not cakes from the inside. How else could they look that good?! Baking isn’t only a culinary talent, all of these cake makers are incredible visual artists and their skills are so far ahead that looking at their creations will first shock you and then make you yell: “Take my money!” So, without further adieu, here are ten of the most incredible cakes you’ll ever see!

Alice In Wonderland Cake

We love this cake so much, we’d have no heart to ever slice it or eat it.

Lord Of The Rings Cake

This must feel like several orgasms in one for all the nerds.

The Big Eater Cake

All you can eat pancakes, muffins, macaroons, donuts and cookies.

We wonder if the cookie monster tastes like cookies…

Sesame Street Toy Box Cake

This cake looks so real, you’d think that there’s no way it’s actually a cake. Except it actually is.

Strawberries And Cream Cake

This exceptional cake defies laws of gravity and makes you wonder just what you would do to try it.

Fruit And Veggie Cake

Even though all of these fruits and veggies look so real, the entire cake is actually made from sugar.

Game Of Thrones Cake

Winter really is coming, so why not gain some body weight to keep you warm by devouring this cake!

Fancy ’24 Carrot’ Cake

Can you believe this cake is made out of carrots?!

Smaug The Dragon Cake

The most incredible skin remake since the invention of make up.