10 Amazing Cake Fails You Won’t Believe

Almost everyone in the world loves cake, the sweet dessert that has been baked for centuries to provide food for special occasions. Although it was originally just a modification of bread that could last for a long period of time, it has evolved into something that comes in huge variety and distinctive designs. Cake is primarily now used in celebrations, with imaginative decorations and frosting often covering the surface of the cake. It’s also traditional to have messages adorning the dessert to offer a congratulatory thought, though sometimes these might not convey the actual message that was intended.

Under Neat That

It’s such a shame that this fancy cake was spoiled by the fact that the baker didn’t realize that the customer was making a positional instruction rather than saying what they wanted written on the cake.

Just Happy Birthday

Obviously the people behind this cake didn’t want to express any other feelings towards the recipient other than wishing them a happy birthday.