10 Alternative Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

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Dryer sheets aren’t just for freshening fabric anymore — there are many more uses for them. Next time you do laundry, instead of throwing those old dryer sheets away, keep them, as you will not only save money, but will have new uses for them thanks to this list. These old dryer sheets can be used to take the static out of your hair to cleaning your chrome faucets. Here are ten alternative ways you can use those old dryer sheets.

Take Static Out Of Hair And Clothes

Instead of putting up with that extra static in your hair and clothes, use a dryer sheet to get rid of it for good — they eliminate static in clothes in the dryer, so why not use them this way too?

Clean Dirty Pots And Pans

Dryer sheets can even get rid of baked-on food off of those dirty pots and pans. Just place a dryer sheet inside them overnight and the next morning, the food wipes right off. This makes for easier kitchen cleaning when it comes to washing the dishes — as you won’t have to scrub those stubborn pots and pans anymore.

Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Take a dryer sheet and wipe your rugs, furniture, clothes, and anything else that pet hair sticks to, to quickly eliminate it. This is an easier and cheaper alternative to using a lint roller or having to vacuum every day to get rid of the accumulated pet hair.

Freshen Shoes, Clothes And Even Old Books

Do you have kids who have smelly sneakers? If so, why not place a dryer sheet inside the shoes to freshen them up? Place a dryer sheet inside each sole of the shoes and let them set overnight to get rid of that smelly odor. You can also place a dryer sheet inside clothes pockets and in between the pages of a smelly book to freshen them up too.

Clean Chrome

Tired of seeing those water spots on your chrome faucets? Why not use a dryer sheet for easy removal — one rub will usually remove those pesky stains.

Keep Garbage Cans From Smelling Bad

If you’re tired of your garbage can smelling bad, even after changing the bag daily, line the bottom of the can with dryer sheets. This will absorb any leakage and keep them spelling nice and fresh.

All-Purpose Deodorizer

You can reuse those old dryer sheets numerous times, allowing you to freshen up your house. Place a dryer sheet where you’d like your house to smell better, and the dryer sheet will do the trick. This may be a cheaper way than having to keep purchasing air fresheners.

Clean Glass

Instead of scratching up your eyeglasses by using your shirt to clean them, rub them with a dryer sheet to clean the smudges off of them. You can also clean smudges off of your car and home windows with dryer sheets.

Use Dryer Sheets As A Duster

Dust can cause a lot of allergies for both people and pets. Reusing old dryer sheets to remove dust from around the house can help reduce allergies, and make your house look cleaner.

Make Them Last Longer

You can reuse dryer sheets, allowing them to last longer. Another trick is to cut them in half, which will result in one dryer sheet lasting up to four times longer.