10 Alternative Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets aren’t just for freshening fabric anymore — there are many more uses for them. Next time you do laundry, instead of throwing those old dryer sheets away, keep them, as you will not only save money, but will have new uses for them thanks to this list. These old dryer sheets can be used to take the static out of your hair to cleaning your chrome faucets. Here are ten alternative ways you can use those old dryer sheets.

Take Static Out Of Hair And Clothes

Instead of putting up with that extra static in your hair and clothes, use a dryer sheet to get rid of it for good — they eliminate static in clothes in the dryer, so why not use them this way too?

Clean Dirty Pots And Pans

Dryer sheets can even get rid of baked-on food off of those dirty pots and pans. Just place a dryer sheet inside them overnight and the next morning, the food wipes right off. This makes for easier kitchen cleaning when it comes to washing the dishes — as you won’t have to scrub those stubborn pots and pans anymore.