10 Adorable Animals Who Are Not Afraid To Show Some Affection

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PDA, or public displays of affection, is usually a challenging topic to discuss as some couples tend to really go overboard with showing just how much they like each other while the rest of the general population usually isn’t as keen on seeing it. Most of the time the phrase “get a room” can be heard in passing when encountering a particularly eager PDA couple. However, when dealing with animal PDA it’s a completely different story. Animals are nothing if not cute and so is their love. Here’s the ten amazing examples of just how cute animal PDA can get.

Cross Species Lovers

Who said dogs and lizards can’t be lovers?

Married Turtles

We present to you Natalie and George. They’ve been married for fourteen years.

Leopard Kissers

Usually we might frown upon such excessive use of tongue, but with leopards we’ll let it slide.

Elephants in love

These beautiful elephants are Veronica and George. They are in love.

The Cutest Bird Pair

We imagine this scene to be a proposal after a long and successful relationship.

Sea Lions Soulmates

One of many life’s truths is that there’s nothing more adorable than sea lions kissing.

Sneaky Snails

These are Charlotte and Jim, a pair of secret snail lovers in a NYC zoo.

Hand Holding Owls

Not only do these owls kiss, but they also hold hands.

Pig Mates

Did you know that pigs mate for life?


Come here kangaroo, you’ll be my kanga-boo.