10 Absurdly Long Sentences Given To Prisoners

James Eagan Holmes

Many people will remember James Eagan Holmes as he was the man responsible for the shooting that occurred at the Aurora movie theatre in Colorado in 2012. The student killed 12 people and injured 70 others before police apprehended him. After being found guilty at his trial, the judge handed down a life sentence for the murders and ordered Holmes to serve another 3,000 years for the attempted murder of everyone else in the theatre.

Dudley Wayne Kyzer

Alabama born Dudley Wayne Keyzer was found guilty of the murder of his former wife, mother-in-law and a young male student in 1976. Each of the killings involved execution style shots to the head, with Kyzer ensuring that none of his victims had any chance to escape or live. He was handed a 10,000-year sentence to ensure that he would never leave prison, as the judge was unable to give the murderer a death sentence.