10 Absurdly Elaborate Crimes People Tried To Pull Off

Real-Life Jewel Heist

In 2009, two criminals named Craig Calderwood and Aman Kassaye pulled off the biggest jewel heist in the history of the United Kingdom. They had disguised themselves as old men using prosthetics and expertly applied makeup and asked to view some diamonds that they were considering buying. When the employee obliged, they pulled out guns and demanded every single gem and diamond in the store. Mobsters then helped them to flee the scene of the crime by inconveniently parking dozens of cars in the path that police had to take to reach the jewelry store. The pair were eventually caught however when one of them left behind their mobile phone at the crime scene.

Creating An Indestructible Tank

After entering into a dispute with a concrete company over some of his land, Marvin Heemeyer decided to sell his house and business. With the six months he had been given to vacate his property and a further year of preparation before that, he began to construct an almost indestructible tank from an old bulldozer. The former welder reinforced the vehicle with concrete and steel and mounted various automatic weapons around it before going on a rampage. In total, he destroyed 13 buildings and caused $7 million worth of damage to various properties, including the town hall and the concrete company he had been in conflict with. He eventually killed himself when the bulldozer got stuck.