Top 20 Richest People In China

16. Lu Guanqiu – $5.4 billion

Born to a poor family before the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Lu Guanqiu is the founder of Wanxiang Group. Originally functioning as an auto parts manufacturer it has since expanded into solar power development and real estate investments.

15. Hui Wing Mau – $5.4 billion

Born in 1950 as the son of a local doctor, Hui Wing Mau made his fortune in textile manufacturing and continued investing his fortune in real estate in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. He now controls 2 publicly listed real estate investment companies.

14. Hui Ka Yan – $5.9 billion

Yet another real estate billionaire to grace our list, Hui Ka Yan is the head of Evergrande Real Estate which invests in a broad array of commercial and residential real estate.

13. Wei Jianjun & Family – $6 billion

As the founder of sport-utility vehicle manufacturer Great Wall Motors, Wei Jianjun and his family come in at number 13 on our list. In addition to manufacturing SUVs in China, he has also started manufacturing in Russia as well.