10 Animal Senses We Wish We Had

Human beings use every single one of their senses in order to understand the world around us. Our sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are some of the most important aspects of being alive, as it allows us the chance to really view everything and everyone. Animals, of course, have similar senses, though some of theirs are far more enhanced, and some are just a tad bit different. In the most extreme cases, however, some animals have truly unusual senses that some may consider super powers. Here are ten animal senses we truly wish we had.

Electrical Bill

The Platypus was once thought to be a cryptid, but that quickly changed when scientists discovered the mammal in Australia. What makes the mammal so unique is the electrical bill, which they use to produce electrical fields when they move. This allows them to locate prey.


Bats are the biggest animal species known to use echolocation in order to hunt their prey and and move swiftly through the night. They use high pitch pulses and then determine the distance by waiting for the sound to return.