Top 20 Best Countries To Retire Abroad

16. Colombia

Columbia offers a low cost of living, beautiful views, and perfect climate. Need we say more? It has made major strides in shedding its image as a hotbed for drug traffickers and that, mixed with its European-style architecture in major cities and you’ve got the makings of a great place to retire.

15. Costa Rica

Broadly, Central America is a great place to retire – particularly Costa Rica, which comes in at number 15 on our list of best places abroad to retire. American retirees have been flocking to Costa Rica for decades and its easy to see why: its tropical climate, year round spring-like weather, and beautiful capital of San Jose are just a few reasons. Costa Rica also offers political stability to those that are made nervous by the potential for conflict.

14. Croatia

Number 14 on our list, Croatia, actually offers tax breaks for retirees who emigrate to the country. Despite a bloody history that includes a civil war that occurred in the 1990’s, Croatia has made major strides in the 21st century and is now considered an ideal place to consider retiring to. Mix in easy access to countries like Italy and Switzerland and you’ve got the perfect retirement spot.

13. Ecuador

Located on South America’s West coast, Ecuador comes in as the 13th best place for retirees. Ecuador boasts a cost of living that is half the cost of living in the United States, scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, and some of the world’s best beaches.