10 Cute Pictures Of Animals Cuddling

There is a reason why the internet is flooded with pictures and videos of cats and dogs doing adorable things. It is because very few things in the world can be cuter than animals. There is only one thing, in fact, that is cuter than animals, and it is animals behaving like human beings. Have you ever watched an animal cuddle a toy or another animal? It looks mind-blowingly adorable and can melt your heart away. Here is a list of 10 adorable pictures of animals cuddling. Enjoy!

Cat Having A Bad Dream

This picture looks like the cat is having a bad dream and is holding on to the stuffed toy for comfort.

Bear Hug

Is there anything cuter than receiving a bear hug from an actual baby bear?

Hedgehogging Around

This hedgehog thinks that no one will notice him because there is a bigger version of him around.


This little fella has found his brother, and is intent on keeping him in his arms.

Even Mice Cuddle

You didn’t think that mice could cuddle right? This adorable picture clearly proves otherwise.

Kitty Cuddle

This new born kitten has already mastered the art of cuddling in an adorable way.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

This monkey isn’t just cuddling a toy, its actually cuddling another member of its species.

Tired Doggie

After a long day of chasing cars and your own tail, there is nothing like cuddling up to your favorite toy.

Possessive Monkey

This monkey loves its toy and will not stop cuddling it for anything in the world.

Cuddling Like Rabbits

This has got to be the cutest picture in the world. This bunny is just showing off how cute he is over here!