Top 15 Rarest And Most Valuable Video Games Ever Made


Console: Atari

Developer: Answer Software

Estimated Price: $3,000 – $5,000

This isn’t the Gauntlet that most people are familiar with on the Atari. Instead this Gauntlet was developed and released by Answer Software. Gamers take the role of Robert Whittenbottom where he runs his own gauntlet in a tribe to prove his manhood. Throughout the game players were avoid various obstacles otherwise your character will lose health and eventually die. What makes the game rare and valuable is that this is another mail-order only video game. For those who ordered the game, Answer Software sent in a cartridge and manual only with no box. Sales for this video game now has reached up to $5,000.

King of Fighters 2000 (English)

Console: Neo Geo

Developer: SNK

Estimated Price: $3,540 – $6,000

King of Fighters 2000 was the seventh installment for the King of Fighters series and the final one at that. Developed by SNK before their bankruptcy, the game is available for the Neo Geo, Arcade, Dreamcast and the PlayStation 2. Playing out as a competitive fighting style video game, King of Fighters 2000 wrapped up more of the story after the events of the previous tournament in the King of Fighters series. Only 100 copies have been confirmed world-wide and sales of the game have only ever been present through online auctions. Since only 100 copies were confirmed, the release in North America was very small making the game one of the rarest titles for the Neo Geo in North America.