Top 10 Unsolved Bizarre World Mysteries

Haunted Forest of Hoia Baciu

Do you believe in ghosts? You will after researching Hoia Baciu, the forest that is currently believed to be the most haunted on the globe. Those who visit Hoia Baciu usually return with terrifying stories that add more layers to its mysterious properties. Burns and Rashes have been said to appear on those brave enough to enter, and others have claimed to have lost hours of time while walking the woods, with no memory of what happened. If that isn’t enough to spook you, the locals won’t even enter the woods due to the ghostly figures that scour the forest.

Who Was Le Loyon?

Switzerland is also home to another terrifying mystery involving a forest. A man by the name of Le Loyon was known to walk the same trail every day, for 10 years. The real hook to this was that the man always wore a gas mask and military garb. This was enough to terrify the locals, even though Loyon did not harm anyone in his lifetime. When the man would cross paths with a passerby, he would simply stare at them, then walk away. It’s almost more terrifying than him speaking. A note was found in the woods along with his clothes, which implied that he had given up his life of solitude, but he has yet to reveal himself.