10 Celebrities Who Were Murdered During Their Prime

There are plenty of perks when it comes to being famous. If there is one big problem, other than never really getting any privacy is that they can become targets. They can be targets of people who are truly crazy, or just truly evil. Lots of celebrities live their life every day wondering if they are in danger. Stalkers are one thing, but they are usually laughed off as being a bit nuts. Sometimes those stalkers can turn into cold hearted murderers. Sometimes the celebs are murdered by people they thought they could trust. Others are killed by complete strangers. These are the most tragic tales of people who found fame, and then found tragic deaths.

Peter Tosh

This reggae artist was one of the people who helped found the Wailers, of Bob Marley and the Wailers. In 1987, when he was visiting his homeland of Jamaica he and seven of his friends were gunned down by people who had invaded his home in order to rob them. Apparently neither Tosh nor any of his friends would hand over their money and were killed because of it.

Bob Crane

The much beloved star of Hogan’s Heroes, Bob Crane was beaten to death by a camera tripod while sleeping in 1979. The actor’s close friend was accused of the crime, but the authorities didn’t have enough evidence to convict. This means his killer walked free and no one did time for the crime.