Top 10 Silliest Monty Python Sketches

8: Vocational Guidance Counsellor

Leading in with a serenade by John Cleese, this sketch sees a chartered accountant — played by Michael Palin — seeking advice from Cleese’s character on a change of a career.

He longs to become a lion-tamer… until he finds out what a lion actually is and devolves into a gibbering pile of worry and regret. The sketch closes with a heartfelt warning about all the lives destroyed by chartered accountancy.

7: Albatross

The briefest sketch on this list, “albatross” is still notable for its sheer absurdity, consisting of a gravelly voiced John Cleese in a skirt selling a refreshing albatross in a movie theater.

“It’s not any bloody flavor; it’s a bird! It’s a bloody sea bird!”