Top 10 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies of All Time

2. The Dark Knight: $534.9 Million


Arguably the film that made the world stand up and take comic book movies seriously. The Dark Knight was an intense, well paced thriller that just happened to have Batman characters in it. It goes on for a little too long, but you’ll be far too mesmerised by Heath Ledger’s show stealing turn as The Joker to care.

1. The Avengers: $623.3 Million

Obviously. When Iron Man came out, there weren’t many people that believed Marvel could pull off an Avengers movie. Not only did they have make established franchises from two more relatively unloved Marvel characters in Captain America and Thor, they then had to wrangle them in to some intense contractual obligations, and then tell a cohesive story that had to appeal to people who were coming in blind and reward the people who had seen the solo flicks, while giving half a dozen massive movie stars a decent amount to do.

Thankfully, with some spot on casting and the master stroke of bringing Joss Whedon on board, they succeeded in the culmination of all their hard work. Of course, Marvel are so cheeky, they’ve decided to do it again, and you can bet Age of Ultron is gonna bring in some serious wonga.