10 People Who Stupidly Climbed Over Zoo Enclosures

When a wild animal is put into a cage bad things tend to happen, as animals are known to attack and devastate anything they feel is a threat to their way of life. People pay a lot of money to gain entrance to zoos on a daily basis, but some people really want to take things a step further and get up close to the animals in captivity. To accomplish that, some truly dumb individuals have taken things to the extreme. Here are ten idiots who decided to climb the fence at a zoo and see the animals first-hand.

Henry Doorly Zoo

At the Henry Doorly Zoo of Omaha, Nebraska, a woman had her hand bitten by a tiger after she disobeyed the rules posted by the zoo. The 33-year-old climbed over the fence to pet the tiger on Halloween night. She was attacked.

Warsaw Zoo

At the Warsaw Zoo, a 32-year-old, barefooted man decided to get into a fight with one of the female bears known as Sabina. Witnesses discovered blood around the enclosure, which belonged to the man. He survived the fight with just a bite on his arm, thankfully.