10 People Who Stupidly Climbed Over Zoo Enclosures

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When a wild animal is put into a cage bad things tend to happen, as animals are known to attack and devastate anything they feel is a threat to their way of life. People pay a lot of money to gain entrance to zoos on a daily basis, but some people really want to take things a step further and get up close to the animals in captivity. To accomplish that, some truly dumb individuals have taken things to the extreme. Here are ten idiots who decided to climb the fence at a zoo and see the animals first-hand.

Henry Doorly Zoo

At the Henry Doorly Zoo of Omaha, Nebraska, a woman had her hand bitten by a tiger after she disobeyed the rules posted by the zoo. The 33-year-old climbed over the fence to pet the tiger on Halloween night. She was attacked.

Warsaw Zoo

At the Warsaw Zoo, a 32-year-old, barefooted man decided to get into a fight with one of the female bears known as Sabina. Witnesses discovered blood around the enclosure, which belonged to the man. He survived the fight with just a bite on his arm, thankfully.

Ellie Quo

Ellie Quo, a 32-year-old Australia back in 1989, thought it best to use his martial arts combat skills to take on a lion at the Melbourne Zoo. Unfortunately the man didn’t survive, with zookeepers finding tufts of lion hair in his hands.

Calcutta Zoo

At the Calcutta Zoo, Shiva, a 13-year-old Bengal Tiger, was roaming her cage when patrons climbed the fence and began attacking the tiger. The man kicked the tiger in the face, angering it. One was killed in the attack, while another survived.

Zheng Dong

Zheng Dong was trying to do what tourists usually do — by taking a photograph with a group of macaque monkeys at the Fuzhou Zoo in China. The monkeys, while trying to steal his phone, attacked the individual, chewing and biting him profusely.

Tracy Weiler

Tracy Weiler, 47, ended up drunk with her boyfriend and then took her three-year-old to the local zoo. The Lincoln Park Zoo of Manitowoc, WI, held numerous bears in one cage. Tracy jumped the fence to get closer and was attacked. She lost her fingers in the attack, and her boyfriend, who intervened, was bit on the arm.

Polar Bear Moat

A thirty-two year old woman decided to hop the fence to the polar bear exhibit. She was swimming in the moat while trying to get closer when the bears attacked, biting her multiple times and had to undergo surgery to repair the damage.

Jaiprakash Bezbaruah

Jaiprakash Bezbaruah, 50, was trying to get a better picture of a tiger at the local Guwahati Zoo when his photograph was interrupted. Zookeepers tried to stop the older man from climbing inside the exhibit for the picture, but he refused to listen. A male tiger appeared and helped a female rip off the man’s arm. He died of his injuries before arriving at the hospital.

Gu Gu the Panda

Gu Gu the Panda is a mean panda bear that has grown to acquire a taste for human flesh. Back in 2007, a 15-year-old kid jumped into the Beijing Zoo enclosure to get a hug. The panda bear attacked the young boy, leaving him with serious injuries.

Monkey Moat

After stripping off his clothes, an unnamed individual hopped into a zoo’s moat to get closer to the monkeys within. People refused to help out of fear of disease, but the monkeys began ripping into the man. They left a blood trail in the water from the mauling.