Top 10 Highest Grossing Superhero Movies of All Time

8. Guardian’s of the Galaxy: $329.4 Million

Another massive risk by Marvel that payed off in spades. Not even every Marvel fan knew who these guys were. Queue one smart sci-fi blockbuster later, filled with genuine laughs, some tight set pieces, great ideas, and a talking racoon who’s best mates with a tree, and Marvel have another instant classic on their hands.

7. Spider-Man 3: $336.5 Million

By far one of the most disappointing super hero flicks of all time. Too many villains, none of which were done properly, combined with a god awful plot that had the gall to use amnesia with a straight face, and that dance sequence made for a film that all but destroyed the Spider-Man franchise and ruined the legacy of two great Spidey flicks before it.