The 10 Deadliest Insects In The World

While insects are not the biggest of animals, some of them can be the deadliest of all known creatures in the entire world. That is a bit shocking all on its own, as the tiniest of bites can be what ends your life, not the most massive of attacks sometimes. Insects have always played a role in history; everything from stories to medical journals have featured bugs in some capacity. Insects, for those who don’t know, have three-sectioned bodies and six legs, so spiders and centipedes do not count. Here are then 10 deadliest insects in the world.


The Hemiptera , which is sometimes known as kissing bugs, tend to feed on plant sap of some kind. However, they have been known to transfer the Chagas Disease, which can be quite deadly to human beings.

Asian Hornet

The Asian Hornet is one of the largest known wasps in the entire world. They can grow up to 3 inches when fully grown, and a single sting has been known to kill an individual. Once they have your scent, they don’t give up.