Take A Look At The World’s Top 10 Hilarious Love Notes

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With our busy, hectic lives it’s becoming harder and harder for modern couples to make time for each other. As a result, the last few years has seen the rise of the love note, little messages that people are leaving for their partners. While messages confessing undying love are all well and good, we think that the best messages are the ones that add a bit of humour into the mix.

The internet is full of funny love notes so we’ve narrowed it down to the the top 10 most hilarious ones. Do you ever leave funny message for your significant other? Let us know in the comment section below.

Everyone Loves A Good Bacon Joke

Not only does the author of this note know their science, they’re also pretty good at drawing bacon!

Best Wife Ever?

We’ve saved the best one for last. An in-door Nerf gun battle AND a Hunger Games reference? This one’s a keeper.

Don’t Forget Anything!

We’re not sure why Niki has to remind her other half to go to the bathroom. Perhaps he/she is extremely forgetful.

Fridge Magnets Never Get Old

We’ve all made a message with fridge magnets at some point in our lives, but how many of you have used them to leave kinky messages?

Always Compliment Your Wife

This man really knows how to flatter a woman!

Not Everyone Can Be Romantic

Poor Shane, we think his girl could do with some lessons on how to write a romantic note. ‘ I wish you were never born’ is hardly a line that men want to here.

Beer & Boobs

This woman knows just what to do to cheer up her man. Not only is she emotionally supportive but she’s also offering a beer and her boob, a winning combination.

He Makes A Good Point

We never thought that a Nokia mobile could be romantic, we were wrong. This phone will probably still be around long after the couple are dead.

Ungrateful Husband

Pro tip: If your wife bakes you some treats make sure you eat them! If you don’t make the most of your wife’s generosity she might never make you Rice Krispy Squares ever again!

How Long Were They In There?

Either the author of this note is really needy or their partner has some kind of problem. Hopefully it is the former.