Stunning Hyper-Realistic Drawings on Wooden Boards

Design, Drawing, Lists, Optical Illusions, Painting

Ivan Hoo is an incredible self taught artist from Singapore, who creates incredible hyper-realistic drawings on wooden boards. Hoo uses colored pencils, pastels and ink to create his realistic artwork. He works on boards of wood, which give the background a unique texture, and really helps the images to pop in an amazing way. We’ve rounded up a few of his most impressive creations for your viewing pleasure.


This genuinely looks delicious to us. We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t licked the screen when we saw for the first time.


This is ridiculous. One of those cups is actually real, but we had a really hard time working out which one was which.


Hoo seems to be all about drawing spilled or discarded items… still, when it looks this good you can’t complain!


This is almost cuter than any real cat we’ve ever seen. Almost.

Coca Cola

Another day, another picture of some litter. How on Earth can this guy make discarded rubbish look so incredible?


You know what they say, you can’t make an incredible hyper-realistic drawing without drawing a few broken eggs.


This image is a match made in heaven. Do you see what we did there? Genius.


Awww. Look at his lil’ whiskers, adorable little chap.