Science Explains What Causes Pins And Needles


Having pins and needles isn’t what anyone would consider a fun experience; if it happens to a person’s leg and he needs to suddenly get up, then it leads to him dragging what might as well be a stump across the ground. Thankfully it’s only temporary — usually, at least — but that relief doesn’t explain why it happens in the first place. This video does.

For starters, the official term is “paresthesia”; contrary to popular belief, it’s the result of constricted blood flow — and the lack of blood that makes it to the nerves as a result. Once the pressure goes away, then the nerves make like a computer and reboot, which leads to that feeling like a limb that’s turned into hot applesauce. That’s usually what happens, at least. If the pins and needles sensation lasts too long or happens too often, then it could be a sign of nerve damage, disorders, or even tumors.

Despite the short run time, there’s plenty of info to digest in this video. Hopefully, the most important takeaway is why a person should always keep his funny bone safe and sound.