Mother Says She Is Proud Her 11-Year-Old Son Is A Drag Queen

Mother Says She Is Proud Her 11-Year-Old Son Is A Drag Queen

Lauren Noakes had always suspected that her son Leo was different from other kids. Noakes has said Leo, who is now 11, was “transfixed as she chose clothes, did her hair, and put her makeup on.”.

Noakes first thought this was a phase that Leo would grow out of, however despite dealing with bullies and confused adults, Leo wears feminine clothing and make-up at home, and at school.

“I was careful not to make an issue of it, and the last thing I wanted was to shame Leo. But if I’m honest, I did think it was a bit strange. I questioned whether it was my influence. Back then I liked Rihanna and Beyoncé. Was he picking up on them? I had no idea how to handle it.

My partner Sean and I got together when Leo was three, so until then he had no father figure. I felt guilty for the part I played. And when a friend warned I was making Leo gay, and that he may not have a happy life, I was crushed. Although I’d never discriminate, I hated the thought of making Leo’s life difficult.”

When Leo turned six, his mother asked friends and family to encourage his other interests, including cars. This worked for a short while, however he was still interested in fashion and beauty. Lauren learned that her son had been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race on his iPad, and banned him from watching it – however he was insistent.

Leo said that the television show gave him the confidence he needed, showing that he wasn’t alone in his interests. Lauren said;

“On the first day of Year Five, I walked him through the playground, nervously glancing at the black leggings, butterfly shoes and girls’ cardi he was wearing. We’d bought them together after I’d seen how much it meant to him. His beaming smile meant I knew he’d found his true identity. I couldn’t have felt prouder of my trailblazing son.”

Leo’s teachers at school would question Lauren about his choice of clothing, and asked if Leo wanted to be a girl. His mother told his teachers that he identifies as male, but enjoys wearing feminine clothing – and Lauren has said his teachers were ‘great’ and even explained Leo’s choices to his classmates.