Ten Ridiculously Adorable Animals in Cups

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It’s a little known scientific fact that if you place a tiny, cute animal in a cup, it becomes 64.2% more adorable. That’s actually a lie… but while the numbers may not be exact, these images of small lovely beasties in cups will have you to busy cooing with delight to care about the science behind it.

10. Squirrel Coffee

Imagine waking up to grab a cup of coffee only to find this little fella in there. Would you care? Of course you wouldn’t. Sleep well, little buddy.

9. Hot Hedgehog Chocolate

This hedgehog doesn’t look too happy to be in a cup… but that makes it even cuter.

8. Bunny #1

Just so you know, there are gonna be quite a few bunnies on this list. Why? Because there is some strange link between bunnies and cups that science cannot understand. Probably.

7. Bunny #2

See? Bunny rabbits just love cups. Bless him.

6. Green Tea

This might actually be the cutest picture in the entire universe. It looks SO HAPPY to be there.

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

This is what we imagine Friends would have looked like if they’d cast cute tiny animals instead of humans.

4. Hmmmmm…

This one’s really more a bowl than a cup…. but who are we to complain when it’s this freaking cute?

3. Bunnies #3 & #4

Them bunnies… they just can’t get enough of sitting in cups.

2. Puppycup

Say puppycup out loud while looking at this picture and try not to smile.

1. The Final Bunny

We couldn’t really leave this list on anything else, could we? Tell all your friends; Bunnies love cups. For real.