Jimmy Fallon Interviews Hillary Clinton As Donald Trump


It feels like Donald Trump has added some serious flavor to this election season and entertainers everywhere seem to extremely keen on cashing in on the Trump-mania. Jimmy Fallon looks to have an edge in comparison to his other late night hosts when it comes to earning some face-time with Presidential candidates.After he interviewed Donald Trump as Donald Trump, he has now managed to string an interview with Hillary Clinton, as…you guessed it…Donald Trump.

The hilarious interview was conducted on this week’s episode of ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, and although some punches were exchanged below the belt, it was all in good humor in the end. Fallon appears to have really nailed his Trump look and comes fairly close to matching most of the billionaires eccentric mannerisms as well. He questions Hillary Clinton on some important issues such as women’s rights and immigration laws, but for every serious answer given by Hillary Clinton, he retorts with a typical Trump remark. Enjoy the video; as Trump would say, it is HUGE!