10 Insane Instances Of People Booby Trapping Their Homes

Our homes have always been known as our castles. It is the one place we can feel safe, welcome, and just sit back and relax without having to worry about the outside world for a period of time. Some people will go to extreme and dangerous lengths in order to ensure their home is protected and everyone and everything in it is safe. Some individuals will even set up booby traps to capture unwanted visitors in their tracks, maiming or killing them in the process. These methods are generally considered over-the-top. Here are ten insane instances of people booby trapping their homes.

Edward Briney

In 1967, Marvin Katko broke into a farmhouse owned by Edward Briney. Briney had issues with this happening on 40 different occasions, so he booby trapped the home. Katko struck a trip wire, which fired buck-shot into his ankle.

Eric Stetz

In April of 2008, a Verizon technician spoke with Eric Stetz’s superintendent to enter the apartment. When the door was opened, a booby trap went off. The trap was a large knife duct-taped to a crutch to swing down and stab whoever entered the home.