Guy Uses Pick-Up Lines From Tinder To Try And Get A Date In Real Life


If you are ever desperate and need some quick action, download the Tinder app and start swiping away! This app has created some major laughs along the way, as some of these people are so horned up and ready to go that they’ll say anything to try and impress the other person.

The one-liners are flying everywhere on Tinder and this guy decided to compile some of the best one-liners out there and use them in real life to try and get a date! Yes, it is corny and cheesy and we love every second of this video. It is a little disappointing though, as most of the people take it in stride. We want to see someone get offended out there!

You have to check out the video though, as he even asks two straight guys to go rent a porta potty with him and they could all make-out in it! The guys are very cool about the situation, but why would anyone use that pick-up line on Tinder? You have to see it to believe it!