Guy Devours A Gigantic Burrito In Under 2 Minutes

A rather extravagant YouTuber, Matt Stonie, has achieved notoriety because of the stunning and sometimes insane eating challenges he does. His most notable achievements in food competitions include his bacon-eating world record with 182 slices in 5 minutes. However, even his most crazy videos don’t compare to his latest challenge – eating one of the world’s most gigantic burritos in under two minutes.

As Matt recently surpassed over 500,000 subscribers on the popular video sharing network, he wanted to do something special as a tribute to his fans. Being 5 pound and 8 inches in size, the “Burritozilla” is one of the very first food challenges he did, when he was just an enthusiast. “Sometime in June of 2010, I took this on, beat it, and the rest is history,” Matt stated. Thus, he decided to try it out again – this time far more confident in his eating skills.