David Hasselhoff Is Back With New Music Video And It Has Dinosaurs!


We haven’t heard much from David Hasselhoff recently, but he is back and he is back with a vengeance! The Hoff has teamed up with Kickstarter sensation Kung Fury to bring us this new music video, and if you loved him in the 80’s, then you will love this “True Survivor” music video.

The video is over-the-top and crazy — it’s definitely something you have to watch and watch until the end to truly appreciate it, as you will miss out on the dinosaurs if you stop too early! The video has everything from cars, street fights, ninjas, wolves and Nazis. No clue how they work everything into this music video, but it is so cheesy that you’ll love it.

You have to go into it expecting it to be something from The Hoff and you won’t be disappointed! Check out the new music video here.