Burglar In California Wakes Homeowners And Asks For Their Wi-Fi Password

Burglar In California Wakes Homeowners And Asks For Their Wi-Fi Password

A 17-year-old teenager has been arrested after he broke into a home in Palo Alto, California, recently. The 60-year-old homeowners discovered the teenager inside when he woke them up asking for the Wi-Fi password. The teenager was then pushed down the hallway and out of the house, and then notified police.

“The couple had been asleep in their bedroom when they were awakened by the unknown suspect speaking to them and asking to use their WiFi network,” Palo Alto police department said in a statement.

“Officers determined the suspect had climbed into the home after cutting a screen covering an open window in the side yard. The suspect’s motive for entering the home is unknown, but the victims reported that two kitchen knives were missing from a kitchen drawer.”

The teenager’s identity has not been released as he is a minor, however he has been charged with burglary, prowling, and providing false information to police. It is believed that the teenager also stole a bicycle from a yard in the neighborhood.

“The woman notified another resident of the home, an adult in his late teens, and together the two of them confronted the suspect in the side yard. The suspect asked to use their WiFi network because he was out of data. The residents ordered the suspect to leave, and they watched him ride away on a bicycle. They did not notify police at the time,” police said.