Awesome ‘X-Files’ Promo Shows First Glimpse of New Footage


Fox has released a brand new promo that is going to have X-files fans chomping at their collective bits. The new series is set to debut next January and the network has apparently done a little math. The promo tells viewers that if they were to find a way to watch one episode a day for the next 201 days, they would be able to pick up with the new series a day after they finish their run.

While that was plenty impressive enough it turns out that the deal wasn’t even half of why people should get excited about this promo. It turns out that we also got out our first look at new footage that will be part of the next season. That season is more of a miniseries than a season at all, but it still has fans of agents Mulder and Scully plenty excited. Shooting as clearly begun on the show and right now, this promo is the only way to get a look at what the characters are going to be doing.