Angry Birds Movie Trailer Introduces All Our Favorite Birds


‘The Angry Birds Movie’ trailer is finally here and it is big for many reasons. We have seen several movies adapted from video games before but this has got to be the first movie ever that has been adapted from a smart phone game. Kudos to the big executives for finding a new gold mine to make films out of, and a big bravo for going after the most popular smart phone game of all time no less. With such a big franchise on the line, what could possibly go wrong?

Every big franchise needs an appropriate cast and they seem to have a pretty great one lined up for ‘The Angry Birds Movie’. Jason Sudeikis plays the role of the most iconic character of the series – Red, while Bill Hader is voicing the arch nemesis of our beloved birds – Leonard, the leader of the pigs. Other impressive actors contributing to this movie include Danny Mcbride, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage and Keegan-Michael Key. The trailer does a decent job of introducing most of the important characters in the movie and even setting up a base plot for the rest of the film. The humor seems targeted at a younger crowd but the animation does look impressive. We can expect to see more of our beloved birds of fury in the coming months.