20 Weird Traditions From Around The World

Cleaning Doorknobs On Your 30th Birthday (Germany)

Germany seems to have cornered the market in weird birthday traditions. If you are unmarried on your 30th birthday, women are expected to clean the doorknobs of their best friends. Men will get other cleaning chores. The only way out of this weird tradition is to secure a kiss from the opposite sex.

Donning Kilts And Reciting Poetry Once a Year (Scotland)

Every year on January 25th, Scottish lads don their favorite kilt and start reciting the poetry of famed national scribe Robert Burns. The day even has a title, “Burns Night”. Bagpipe music is also popular on this day and most people eat the traditional Scottish fare of haggis.

Congratulating The Entire Family On One Person’s Birthday (Netherlands)

It’s a Dutch tradition that on someone’s birthday, you congratulate the family members of the person who is having the birthday, as well as the actual birthday boy or girl.

Letting A Rodent Predict The Future (USA)

Americans have plenty of odd traditions, but one of the weirdest is when we all look to a groundhog to tell us when winter is going to end.