20 Weird And Crazy Ways To Save Money

Go Dumpster Diving

Did you know your local store throws food away at the end of the day? And it is still packaged meaning you could get into the dumpster behind the store, if they let you because some stores don’t let you, and you can find a lot of useful items in there, even food that was never even opened.

Flush Your Toilet Using Less Water

Did you know you can actually flush your toilet using less water? All you have to do is put a capped water bottle full of sand in the back of the tank and it will displace enough water to help you save 10 gallons every day. Imagine how low your water bill will be if you do this!

Use Cash Only

Here is a challenge to you, use cash only when buying things or paying bills. This will cut out the credit card debt. You can pay bills at certain places that let you pay your electric bill or phone bill with cash. Of course, they let you use credit and debit too but try to use cash only and see how much money you save without using your credit cards.

Make Your Own Products At Home

You can make your own shampoo, dish washing liquid, and even soap from home. You can also make your own mouthwash and fabric softener. Making your own products from home can save you a ton of money instead of buying them from the store.