20 Ways Having An Older Sibling Really Sucked Growing Up

You Could Never Go On A Date In Peace

Bringing home a new date was always a big deal in your house and as you were the youngest, your older siblings really tortured you. After a while, you got used to the constant humiliation and took it on the chin like a real trooper.

You Had A New Makeover Every Week

Older sisters always had a new makeover look they wanted to try and while they were in the process of getting it right, they used you as a dummy. There is an entire photo album dedicated to your weekly makeovers and even now, you can’t look at glitter without shuddering.

You Were Never Allowed Nice Food

On the rare occasion that your parents actually let you have nice snacks, you never even got a look in. Everything that you were eventually given had already been picked over by your siblings and all you got were the rejected parts.

You Never Had A Proper Babysitter

Both a blessing and a curse, your older siblings acted as your babysitter when your parents went out. While you were probably more likely to be able to stay up late, it came with a price, and if you didn’t obey your siblings’ every word, you were in big trouble.