20 Types Of People That Annoy You On Social Media

The ‘Updater’

The updater updates everyone second, minute, and hour. They feel the need to let social media know that they’re either going to take a nap and go to the grocery store.

Your Family Members

Your social media accounts are the supposed to be a place where you can be yourself. If you post something extremely vulgar or explicit, chances are your family members may comment and tell you that ‘you shouldn’t use profane language’ or ‘take this down immediately’.

The ‘Creepers’

The Creepers are the people that only contact you on social media after you’ve posted a new photo or updated a status.

The ‘Clique’

The Clique is a group of individuals that constantly posts things on social media that usually ends it with ‘lol insider’. If it’s an inside joke, what’s the point of sharing it with thousands on social media?