20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘Airplane’

It’s one of the funniest movies ever made. It’s even funnier because it was originally produced during a period of time when everyone else was busy making disaster movies. This sendup of those movies was made when parodying movies was actually funny. Despite the fact that the movie was made over three decades ago, it is still one that plenty of people quote on a daily basis. That’s the sign of a very good movie. Despite the fact that Airplane was very popular and very well known, there are plenty of things the general public doesn’t know about the film. You can lord some or all of these fun facts over your friends at your next dinner party.

Sigourney Weaver almost Elaine

This was a pre-fame, Sigourney Weaver but it still would have been pretty interesting to see what she could have done with the lead actress role. Turns out she had a problem with some of the lines and the roll ended up going to Julie Hagerty.

The lead had some big names attached to the role

Ted Striker was finally landed by Robert Hays but guys like Chevy Chase, David Letterman, Bruce Jenner and Bill Murray were all talked about for the lead role in the film.

Jive talking grandma almost wasn’t Beaver’s mom

Harriet Nelson was originally slotted to play the grandma on the plane who speaks jive. She eventually backed out of the part and Barbara Billingsley (the mom from Leave it to Beaver) stepped in.

The Singing Nun was an actual singer on disaster movie sountracks

The filmmakers had another actress in mind for the role of the Singing Nun but in the end they landed on Maureen McGovern. McGovern had sung the themes for The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno.