20 Things You Didn’t Know Your Microwave Could Do

Make A Hot Compress Fast

Instead of waiting on the tap water to heat up to make a hot compress, wet a towel or cloth and place it in the microwave for about one minute on high power. This makes for a nice, soothing hot compress to ease your aches and pains away.

Get More Juice Out Of Your Fruits

When you want to make your own lemonade or orange juice and need to get more juice out of the fruit, just put them in the microwave on high power for about 20 to 30 seconds. By doing this you will have a really juicy fruit that will also be easier to squeeze.

Testing Microwave Safe Containers

When you want to make sure your containers are safe enough for the microwave, just fill a cup up with cold water and place this cup on top of the container you want to test. Put them both in the microwave like this for about one minute on high. When you take them out and the water is hot but the container is still cool, your container is safe for the microwave. However, if the water and the container are both hot, it is not microwave safe.

Keeping Your Bread Moist But Not Soggy

When making something on bread, but want to heat it up in the microwave, you can keep it moist without going soggy by placing paper towels either under or around your food. By doing this, the paper towels will draw out the moister, leaving your bread non-soggy.