20 Things That Are Impossible When You’re 25

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When you were younger, you probably looked to 25 as the golden age of your life. Free from your parents, living on your own, you assumed that everyday would be a party and by now, your life would be pretty much perfect. Sadly, though, the reality is a little different. Although the big 2-5 might not be that old in the scheme of things, when you’re living it, it can feel entirely more ancient.

Turning 25 is filled with more struggles than you ever realized could exist and if you’re of the age, then these things might all hit a little too close to home.

Going Out At The Weekend

Now that you’re working full time, the weekend is the only time in which you can do what you really want to: Sleep. Being asked out in the evening is nice and all that, but all you really want to do is eat, watch TV and lie down.

Making Plans After 8pm

You look back to your hedonistic youth and wondered how on earth you managed to make it out past 8pm on a weeknight. Any friend that texts you past this time is given the cold shoulder; it’s completely unreasonable of them to assume you will give up your place on the sofa for them.

Experimenting With Fashion

When you were younger, you were the first person to try the latest trend, no matter how ridiculous you ended up looking. Now, with an office job and taxes to pay, you stick to the familiar and even if you’re tempted to dye your hair pink, you know better.

Meeting New People

Now that you’re only 5 years away from 30, and therefore, becoming a proper adult, meeting new people just seems so hard and time consuming. You’ve had the same friends since college and even though you might feel in a bit of a rut, you couldn’t even fathom the prospect of doing it all over again.

Squeezing Into A Bathing Suit

Suddenly, all of your bathing suits have shrunk, at the same time. The early days of summer are filled with peril for you and what used to be a fun activity now makes you feel depressed, fat, and alone. Ah, to be 18 again.

Being The Only Single Friend

You might still feel like a child, but that doesn’t stop the people around you from acting like adults. You’re at an age in which getting married is no longer scandalous and even though you still feel young, your friends beg to differ.

Eating Anything Without Repercussions

Gone are the days when you can eat pizza for every meal of the day and not feel bad about it. Now, if you so much as look at a plate of chocolate you feel your trousers getting tighter and while lunch time used to be fun, now it’s just a depressing sea of salad.

Recognizing Old Friends On Facebook

If you look closely, you think that you recognize your friends on Facebook, but there is something definitely different about them. With people marrying in all directions, it’s impossible to remember them by name and what used to be a fun trip down memory lane is now filled with confusion and frustration.

Recovering From A Hangover

If, on the rare occasion, you do go out, you pay for it over the course of a few days. In your younger days, a hangover consisted of a mild headache but now, you actually start to feel worse as the day goes on. Thanks, body.

Blowing Your Money On New Tech

Teenage-you would swoon at the latest technological releases, seeing nothing wrong with buying all of the latest gear as soon as it came out. Now, however, you’re a lot more money conscious, and if it doesn’t fit into your monthly budget, you’re not interested.

Living On Pizza And Beer

Once upon a time, you got all of the necessary nutrition from a hearty mix of pizza and beer. Now, however, you avoid both food groups like the plague. With a stomach as sensitive as yours, you can’t stand the bloating and rather than giving into temptation, you stick to salad and vegetables.

Staying Up Late

You’ve reverted back to your childhood and given yourself an official bedtime. If you’re not in bed by 10.30pm, you know that there will be hell to pay in the morning.

Leaving The House When Netflix Is Updated

You feel sorry for anyone who wants to see you when Netflix is updated. You’ve been known to cancel plans at the last minute following a TV update, preferring to stay home and binge-watch bad TV.

Following Boy Bands

Although you secretly still like most boy bands out there, at the age of 25, you’re starting to feel a little creepy about the whole thing. When singers are all at least 5 years younger than you, it’s probably time to focus your attention elsewhere.

Making Any Weekend Plans

Whilst your weekends used to center around partying and sleeping, you now have a new hobby on the agenda: Weddings. Without even realizing it, you’re booked up for the entire summer and what started out as fun and emotional has soon become painful and dull.

Dressing Up For Halloween

Choosing an outfit for Halloween is full of pitfalls and dangers and now that you’re 25, it’s no longer appropriate to rely on animal ears alone. You struggle picking an outfit so much that eventually, you just go as yourself, to the confusion of everyone around you.

Holding Your Tongue

In your younger days, holding your tongue in difficult situations was a real challenge, but you knew that it was for the best. Now you’re 25, you are finally speaking your mind and whilst others might not like it, they’re just going to have to get used to it.

Dating For Fun

In your early 20s, if you met someone you weren’t sure of, it was perfectly acceptable to date them until you were bored of them. Now, everyone you meet could be a potential future spouse and having to search through all of the dating rubble is one of the most stressful situations you have dealt with.

Giving Up Reality TV

Reality TV plays such a huge part in your life that from time to time, you have to remind yourself that the characters are not actually your friends. You’re so invested in reality shows that often, you forget when you have plans.

Keeping Bad Friendships Alive

Your early 20s were filled with so much drama and upheaval that you’re surprised that you didn’t somehow have a heart attack and die. Now, you know who your true friends are, and even though letting some friends go can be really hard, you know that it’s for the best. Go you!