20 Surprising Inspirations For Iconic Pieces Of Pop-Culture

Anyone who has painted a picture, written a poem or done anything remotely creative knows that the fire that fuels any idea can come from some of the most strange and often unexpected places. Even some of the most influential movies or books have their roots in bizarre or unassuming stories. You wouldn’t believe that some of your most favorite things in the world were born out of the meandering thoughts or matters of pure circumstance.

Camp Brawler

Novelist Chuck Palahniuk was got into a fight with a man over some loud music while camping one weekend. When he came back to work he realized that no would speak to him because they were too afraid to talk to a man covered in cuts and bruises – and thus was born the idea for Fight Club.

Everyone’s Favorite Spy

When Ian Fleming was working on his novel about a British spy, he wanted to give his main character the most boring name possible. Luckily, sitting on his coffee table was a copy of Field Guide of Birds of the West Indies, written by a man named Bond – James Bond.

Drawing Is A Beast

The children’s book Where The Wild Things Are made Maurice Sendak incredibly famous, but the book that everyone knows was not what was intended. The book was supposed to be Where The Wild Horses Are, but Sendak couldn’t draw horses so his editor changed the title and told the author to draw whatever he could manage.

Unoriginal Empire

While the snow walkers in the famous Hoth battle in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back look like a lot of things, they were actually inspired by something rather ordinary. Art Director Joe Johnston took the idea from a Syd Mead’s U.S. Steel rendering of futuristic “walking” trucks.