20 Struggles You Will Only Understand If You Don’t Like Caffeine

Being Excluded From The Hot Drink Gadget World

Apparently, the tech community can’t get enough of coffee and tea these days. With each new coffee gadget, you’re shown a painful glimpse of a world you will never belong to and every time, curse your childish tastebuds.

Feeling Constantly Less Hydrated Than Everyone Else

With the amount of tea and coffee everyone else drinks, you’re surprised that they even need to drink water at all. You try and keep up with your own water supplies but you just keep having to make a run for the bathroom.

Wondering What It Means To Be Craving Caffeine

The fact that you will never experience the initial pain and subsequent joy of a caffeine rush fills you with despair. The only thing you have craved is chocolate and that only leaves you feeling sick and exhausted.

Coming Off As The Bad Guy For Not Being Addicted

When you have to tell your friends for the hundredth time that you don’t drink caffeine, they shoot you angry scowls, as if you’re judging them. You want to tell them that you wish you did like coffee but you know that it’s no use.