20 Strange, Weird And Funny Works Of Art

“The Persistence of Memory” aka ‘The Melting Clocks’ by Salvador Dali

Of all of Salvador Dali’s works, this is probably the most remembered, and perhaps the most re-captioned. Why? Because of its obvious strangeness. This is surrealist painting at its best, and strangest, and there’s even been an actual clock modeled after this famous painting.

Bizarre Deer Sculpture At Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA

When it comes to art, most people think of “American Gothic” when they think of Iowa. They don’t try to venture over to the Des Moines Art Center where there is this crazy, enigmatic deer sculpture that depicts deer standing on top of other deer, whose heads you don’t even see because the artist sculpted the bodies together. Definitely strange — for Iowa!

Giant Clothespin Sculpture by Mehmet Ali Uysal

This is one of the best eye-fooling sculpture tricks ever—and it’s in Chaudfontaine (Show-fohn-tan) Park, in Liege, Belgium. It was created for the Five Seasons Festival by Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal. Many people wonder what artists are trying to say with their works, but maybe Mehmet was simply reminding people to keep both their laundry and their lawns clean.

“The Elephants” by Salvador Dali

This is another surreal favorite by Salvador Dali, and anyone who’s a “Star Wars” geek is going to immediately think, as with the Finnish artist Miina Akkijyrkka, that these elephants make them think of the “AT-AT Walkers.” Regardless of what you personally think of, you really do wonder what good stuff Dali was on when he painted.