20 Spring 2015 Fashion Trends That You Will Want To Find In Your Closet

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Fashion Weeks give designers the world’s attention as they send models out with their newest outfits. In New York, Fashion Week was held during February where the designers unveiled their creations for Spring 2015. The runway models revealed fashion trends that will make shopping for this season fun. Yellow is the primary color; denim is still in fashion, and sheer lacy creations are all the rage! From Oscar De La Renta to Michael Kors, this list showcases the best and brightest outfits from New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Lace Is The Texture Of Choice

Lace is one of the textured fabrics that designers incorporated into their designs for the Spring 2015 season.

Lace is a delicate fabric that can be used as a decorative accent or as the foundation fabric for the entire outfit as seen here. Lace is an ultra femine touch that you will see in Spring 2015 designs.

Sheer Is Hot For Spring 2015

Outfits that are sheer and have see-through elements were showcased all over the runways for Spring 2015. You’ll definitely want to add a see-through piece to your wardrobe.

Sheer fabric is semi-transparent and is lightweight and flimsy. It is usually used in lingerie, but this season the designers are pushing the envelope and including them in outerwear.

Jean Cuffs Are Back For Spring 2015

Jeans that touch your ankles are out for this season. Jeans with cuffs are the preferred style for Spring 2015. The cuffs are a flashback to the 1970’s.

If you don’t buy a new pair, you can always roll your own cuffs. This works for denim capris at knee lengths as well as jeans that fall just above the shoe tops. You will want to have a pair of trendy shoes to show off with this look.

Embroidered Silk Takes Over The Runway

This photo shows that the 1970’s flair for the romantic has returned in full force. The 70’s influence can be seen in the lapels, the silhouettes, and the power shoulders.

Soft, very feminine floral fabrics and textures make the Spring 2015 collection fresh and new. Ralph Russo’s collection is featured here. The off the shoulder, and off one shoulder style is one of the fashion trends that several designers have brought to the forefront of spring fashion.

Jenny Packham: What The Stars Are Wearing

A new independent designer is taking her place in the fashion industry with her fabulous Spring 2015 designs. Jenny Packham is a name you will want to be wearing this season.

She has been dressing the Duchess of Cambridge, Taylor Swift, and Kate Winslet to name a few. If you are attending a spring wedding, you just might upstage the bride if you show up wearing one of these designer’s dresses.

Color Choices Available For 2015

Yellow, pink, denim, and black and white are in style for Spring 2015. You will see these colors available in designs from almost every designer this season. Key pieces in these colors should be in your closet for Spring 2015.

Be sure to try on each of these styles. The clothing always looks better on you than on the rack. You just might find that the mixed stripes is your type after all.

These outfits all exhibit elements of the very best styles of the 1970’s. Which will you be wearing?

Yellow: Lemon or Canary? You Choose!

Shades of yellow are going to be seen everywhere during Spring 2015. If you aren’t fond of this Big Bird color, be sure to choose a flattering accent piece in this color so that you don’t miss out on being part of this trend.

Yellow and white pair well, so take note and remember this when you are shopping for your new wardrobe pieces for Spring 2015.

Bold Splashes Of Color Are Everywhere!

You won’t be a wallflower if you wear these bold outfits. These outfits are perfect for the work day or an evening out with friends. Pick a statement you want to make and add it to your fashion collection.

Don’t be afraid to layer a colorful jacket over your outfit. The large lapels are throwbacks to the 1970’s. The denim jacket is another 70’s staple revisited this year as well.

Breaking The Rules With Boldness

Designers are mixing bold colors and patterns to create unique eye-catching designs. You will definitely be a trendsetter if you are caught wearing one of these creations.

Gingham, stripes, and prints of all colors will be trending all over the world for 2015. One trend to expect to see is the mix of prints with sheer fabrics. This will will amp up the sexy factor of any outfit.

Swing Into Spring With The Primary Colors

Green, yellow, and red are showcased here. The yellow maxi dress is designed with slits to show off the sexy leg while the knee length off-the-shoulder dress, shows off even more skin. Both are perfect for an evening out.

The red V-necked sleeveless dress with a thigh baring slit in the mid-length skirt will definitely turn every head in the room.

Kate Spade’s Ready To Wear Collection For Spring 2015

Kate Spade’s Ready to Wear Collection features the trending color green. The skirt lengths are modest this season. Baring the leg below the knee is an acceptable trend for Spring 2015. These dresses can be modified with accessories to dress them up or tone them down for either work or play.

The 70’s influence can be seen in these dresses because the dresses frame the silhouette.

Ulyana Sergeenko Spring Haute Couture

Ulyana Sergeenko is in her 5th season on the runway. This year she splashes with hues of blue and black. She is a Russian designer who is quickly making a name for herself in the fashion industry.

The 70’s influence is also seen here with the emphasis on the tiny waist. Pantsuits were all the rage during that era also, and they are back for Spring 2015.

Elie Saab Spring 2015 Haute Couture

If you are a girly girl who likes ruffles and frills, this season is designed especially with you in mind. Extra feminine touches are emphasized during Spring 2015. You can be on trend by dressing romantically for any occasion.

Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer who has workshops in both fashion capitals Milan and Paris. His creations are romantic and flirty this season.

Runway Models Display Spring 2015 Fashion

These dresses in a variety of styles, lengths, and hues are a fabulous sampling of Spring 2015 fashion. Sheer fashion adds a sexy element to any design.

Be creative during Spring 2015. Create your own style. Choose your favorite hem length and choose from pastels, yellow, or daringly bold prints and patterns to mix and match and wear. The trendsetter is the one who refuses to conform and does something different; that trendsetter can be you in Spring 2015!

Japanese Prints Are Taking the World By Storm!

Solids are out! Patterns and prints are taking over the fashion world this season. These Japanese prints are especially popular for the 2015 Spring season.

Even if you aren’t wearing a kimono styled dress, the Japanese prints are showing up in a variety of dress styles From slim and sexy to flowing and flaw disguising, you can choose the one that flatters your body type.

Versace Haute Couture For Spring 2015

Versace is taking the hemlines to the floor again, and he’s accentuating curves with his newest designs. Also, one shoulder designs were showcased during Fashion Week.

If you are attending prom, an evening gala, or a wedding, Versace Haute Couture has something for everyone.

Lower Those Hem Lines, Ladies, Maxi Dresses Are In!

Accentuating the power shoulder is one of the key elements of fashion for Spring 2015. These off the shoulder, and off one shoulder designs are extremely popular for Spring 2015. These clothes flatter the wearer and will hide many flaws. Add your favorite as a wardrobe staple.

The flowing pantsuits are evidence that the 1970’s styles are back to stay for Spring 2015.

Bandeau: Signature Piece Of The Spring 2015 Season

The bandeau is one of the season’s signature pieces. It is best paired with high-waisted pants or a sheer maxi skirt. A jacket makes this outfit wearable for day or an evening out.

To add this versatile piece to your wardrobe, choose a color or pattern that you can mix and match with other pieces to make a variety of outfits.

Shorts Are Stylish for Spring 2015

After the winter storms, warm weather of Spring 2015 will be greeted with shorts in bold patterns and colors.

These simple lines and cuts are evidence that you don’t have to be flashy to be in style. Modest lengths still show off your legs, so walk out in these with your head held high.

Spring 2015 Best Dressed Season of the Decade

These fashion pieces demonstrate the variations in necklines available for Spring 2015. These fashion pieces are reminiscent of the fashion style in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Whether you choose a modest high neckline or the plunging necklines to pair with either a maxi skirt or a mini skirt, you can make a daring statement in bright colors that will make Spring 2015 one of the best dressed seasons of the decade! This season’s fashion designs have something for everyone.