20 Shocking Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

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You’re trying to lose weight and it just feels like you’re never getting anywhere. You already know that you can’t lose weight overnight, you know that it took a while to put it all on so it will take a while to take it all back off. You’ve been eating right and exercising, and you rarely ever cheat, but you’re still not seeing the results you want. Why?

Well, there are many reasons why you may be having problems losing weight, and some of them may be very shocking to you. There’s no guarantee changing all of these things will help you reach your goals, but they definitely can’t hurt!

Your Thoughts Are Affecting Your Appetite

A study was done at Yale University that showed that people who spend time thinking about how light their healthy meals are have a tendency to eat more because they convince themselves that their light meal isn’t enough to sustain them.

Instead, you should see that healthy food as filling and enjoy the fact that you are doing something healthy for your body.

You’re Paying Wrong

A study done by the Journal of Consumer Research showed that people who shopped with their credit card, rather than cash, spent more money on unhealthy food options.

Instead, use cash when you grocery shop so you spend less and make better food choices.

You’re Thinking About Fitness

A French study has found that thinking about your fitness routine may have you eating up to 50 percent more. This is believed to be because you think you’ll be able to work it off.

Focus on burning calories, not replacing the ones you burn to actually lose weight.

You’re Sitting Too Much

You’ve probably seen this in the news lately, sitting is killing you (and keeping you fat). If you spend much of your days sitting, even for work, you’re going to find you have more problems with weight loss.

Get up every chance you get, and take a walk around so that you can keep your metabolism awake.

You’re Sleeping Too Little

If you’re finding it hard to drop those pounds and it feels like you are doing everything right, take a look at your sleeping habits. Too little sleep can actually hurt your weight loss plan. Studies have shown that women who slept four hours or less each night consumed up to 300 more calories the following day than they would have with 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

Find out how much sleep you need, and make sure you get enough.

You’re Eating Too Fast

There’s no reason to two-fist your meal. It’s not like you need to eat it before someone else takes it off your plate. Slow down, rapid eating is unhealthy for many reason.

If you take time to slow down and enjoy your meals you’ll find that you get full sooner and don’t need to eat as much.

You’ve Been Skipping Meals

Research has shown that people that skip breakfast regularly weigh more than those that don’t. Skipping meals tends to make you snack more and eat bigger portions for your other meals.

Breakfast is important, it gives you energy to get through the morning and it’s the one meal you will burn off all the calories for by the end of the day.

You’re Drinking Too Many Calories

Calories from the sugary drinks you are consuming may be adding up more than you realize. Those empty calories could keep you from losing weight.

Cut back on “junk” drinks, which are doing more bad things to you than just keeping you from dropping a few pounds. A 12 ounce light beer has 110 calories, and your sweetened ice tea contains 160 calories. Cut back on these if you’re looking for easy options to reduce your calorie intake.

Your Portions Are Too Big

If you don’t know what a normal portion is of the foods you eat you may not realize you are overeating. Restaurants are notorious for serving grand portions.

Learn the rules of eating correct portions so that you ensure you are stuffing yourself and making it so you just can’t lose weight.

Making Bad Condiment And Add-On Choices

Your condiments and add-ons could be toppling your calorie intake. This goes for things like using too much salad dressing or even adding bacon to your pizza. Other things that add too many calories include too much cheese, and even croutons in your salad.

Think healthier when ordering salads, sandwiches and even pizza. Less is better, and vegetables are always a wiser choice.

Eating When You’re Bored Or Busy

Mindless eating is a huge culprit in the battle to lose weight. If you snack while you work or watch TV and you aren’t keeping a food journal, you may be adding more calories than you realize to your day-to-day intake. Only eat when you are completely focused on the act of eating.

Eating just 20 potato chips is an added 162 calories!

You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Replace those sugary drinks filled with mindless calories with water. Not only does water help you feel fuller and clean out your system, but it also replenishes the water your body loses when you work out.

If you aren’t regularly drinking water throughout the day then you definitely aren’t getting enough.

You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise

You need to be getting 30 minutes of exercise every day, and less than that just may not be enough. However, it’s better to get 15 minutes rather than none!

You’re Overeating Healthy

While eating healthy is your goal. you still need to realize that anything in moderation is better. Too many healthy fats cans till add to your waistline. Watch portions, even with your healthy options.

You’re Not Breaking Up Your Routine

It’s your stale routine that is stopping you from losing weight. Switch things up every once in a while so that your metabolism rate has a chance to increase.

You Gave Up A Food Group

If you are missing out on key nutrients, that could be what is causing you to keep the pounds on. When you cut out an entire food group, you need to make sure that you are integrating foods from other groups that contain the nutrients you are now missing.

You Pass On The Veggies

You are supposed to be eating five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables each a day. While overdoing fruit, with all those natural sugars, can be detrimental to weight loss, it’s usually okay to overdo it on vegetables.

Remember, fill one-third of your plate with veggies if you need a boost in weight loss.

You’re Wearing Baggy Clothes

While you may feel more comfortable in baggy clothes, however you may not realize that they are tricking you into keeping on your weight. What you see in the mirror works against you in ill-fitting clothes, rather than for you.

Wear fitted clothes and you’ll not just lose weight, but you’ll quickly learn to accept your body image.

Your’re Eating Tiny Meals

Starving yourself is not the answer to obesity. Instead it causes your body to start eating away at muscle, instead of fat. Small portions are fine, but if you do this meal plan you’ll need to eat more often than just three times a day.

You’re Eating Out Too Often

Eating out is a great way to stay fat. You take in more calories, there are more hidden calories, and the portions are crazy. Cook at home more so you know exactly what your intake levels are!