20 Shocking Mother’s Day Fails You Must See

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We all love our moms and have always wanted to impress them more than we’ve ever impressed anyone, so with Mother’s Day here, we look everywhere for days for that perfect present, and the prefect Mother’s Day card. Some stores even offer suggestions as to what to buy your mom when you’re out of ideas. However, some of the suggestions at the stores are rather unpleasant. Have a look through the following twenty images, showing us shocking, but hilarious Mother’s Day fails.

Make Her Day Special

We all want to make Mother’s Day a special day for our mom, with everything we do, we all hope she loves what we give her, whether it be just cleaning the house and making her breakfast in bed, but stores seem to have a different idea about how to make our mother’s happier, with a little help from dad…

No One Loves You

It’s always best to get your mom a card to go along with the gift you’ve gotten her, usually they would say something like “I love you mom, you’re the greatest, have a good Mother’s Day” but this one marks top on the world’s worst Mother’s Day cards.

Skyline Chili

Skyline Chili, is a massive line of chili restaurants based in Ohio, they are not only known for the chili recipes but also for their very humorous quotes and billboards. They’ve put out a very funny but awful billboard for Mother’s Day saying — with 3way being one of their spaghetti recipes.

Pink Flowers

It’s only tradition to get the most beautiful woman in your life flowers on Mother’s Day, but this sign goes way beyond getting your mom just flowers.

Perkins Pies

Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is a well known all-day breakfast restaurant that also sells pastries, it seems as though they may have had a hard time in the past on Mother’s Day. Maybe they thought that if they reminded customers to buy their mom’s pies on the special occasion, then they would be selling more on the day.

Adult World

We all know that Adult World isn’t the best place for a child to buy their mom something on Mother’s Day, but we don’t believe the person that changed this sign knows that.

She Cleaned Your Butt

Give appreciation to your mom on Mother’s Day, and just remember the woman did clean your butt for about 2 years of your life, and she may have to again in the future.


When you’re younger and just start writing, your encouraged by your parents to write more and they believe that you can now write cards on your own. This young child seems to be around 6 to 8 years old, just starting to write and telling their mom how much she means to them, just as much as dad means to them.

Treat Your Mother To Drinks

Treating your mom to drinks on Mother’s Day has always been the easiest gift to give her, but being told by a sign that you may be the reason she drinks, may have just changed that for a lot of people.

Descriptions Of Mum

Your mom always wants to know how pretty, smart, sweet and special she is to you, so why not tell her with a mother’s day card on the special day. However, cards that describe your mothers age, height and weight may not be the best thing in the world.


Getting your mom a present for Mother’s Day that’s different to your friends is a hard task. Tampax, however, gives you an idea that would be a lot different to what friends are getting for their moms, and maybe she won’t even expect it.

Spring Cleaning For Mum

We hate that mom is always cleaning and making us help, but this plaza suggests that maybe something else should be clean and maybe you should help pay for that. Maybe help with paying for the dog grooming too.

Family Photos

Mom’s love family pictures, most say that even if their house were to be set on fire, family pictures and photo albums would be the first thing they would grab. This photography building knows what mothers love best, even if it means ‘shooting the kids’, ‘hanging the family’ and ‘framing the wife’.

Does The Toilet Need Cleaning?

Mom’s are always cleaning and they never sit down until the whole house is completely clean, but has someone been to the toilet lately? Because it seems as if someone’s toilet may be a little dirty and needs some toilet gel in it, thanks Domestos for helping us choose the perfect gift for our mothers.

Fat Control

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare for their children to call them fat, but it seems that some stores may not know that. Showing the public what the best Mother’s Day gifts are is a great thing, but saying that fat control and carb control may be the best gifts for Mother’s Day isn’t.

Get Back To Work

With the amount of cleaning products that have been suggested to customers for Mother’s Day, it appears that store manager’s have been trying to tell us all that a house can never be too clean.

Take Her To Hooters

Impressing mom is always easy, if it isn’t something bad like getting a tattoo or yelling back at her, then she will love everything her children do. Hooters came up with the idea that maybe you’re not impressing your mother enough, and that maybe by telling people that, they will get more customers.

From Your Cat

We’ve all joked around that maybe we will all become the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons, but there are actually some people out there that are like that, and maybe they want to be noticed as a mother as well, so why not give them a card from their beloved cat.

Love From Dick Smith

Dick Smith, an Australian technology outlet, have come up with this creative but not so pleasant title for a Mother’s Day catalog.

You’re Also My Nephew

Faced with the troubles of getting your mom the perfect Mother’s Day card? Not to worry, why not just get a card that isn’t specifically for Mother’s Day and just cross out and replace a few words? This person seems to have the right idea, by getting a first communion card for their nephew and replacing ‘nephew’ with ‘mum’, ‘first communion’ with mother’s day and ‘special boy’ with ‘mum’.