10 Crazy Things People Do For Money

When it comes to money, we all need it to live on. However, it can be really scarce lately and sometimes we might have to resort to doing some crazy and stupid things just to make the money we need to survive. Although these things in this list might sound crazy, they have worked for the people who are doing them. Whether you’re short on money, or looking for a bit of extra money for yourself in your free time, why not try and see if you can get into doing any of these?

Virtual Farming

People from all around the world are getting paid to play World of Warcraft. How can one be paid to play this game you may ask? Gold farming. Gold farming is essentially people paying you for your time, as they’re too lazy to do it themselves. You play the game, gather the in-game currency (gold), and sell that to other players with more real-life money than in-game money.

Selling Doggles And doggy Clothing

While this may seem a bit far-fetched, there are people making good money off of this. Someone has created a new line of dog accessories, called Doggles. Doggles are essentially goggles for dogs. The company has also expanded into creating vests and jewellry for dogs as well.