20 Shocking And Inappropriate Toys Created For Children

Bruno Cat

We’re not too sure what interest a child would have in playing with a toy cat with its innards spilled out, but it really doesn’t seem fitting.

Childbirth Barbie

Mattel released a pregnant Barbie toy, probably because they are trying to emphasize more her femininity, as if the makeup, high heels, and fabulous clothes are not yet enough. The pregnant Barbie, dubbed as Childbirth Barbie, comes with a detachable stomach. On labor day (depending on when you want her deliver), you simply detach the magnetic belly and a tiny newborn doll pops out.

Vibrating Nimbus 2000

At first glance, you’d think it’s simply a replica of the famous Harry Potter thingamajig and it is, but with a fancy addition. It vibrates. This battery operated toy vibrates with a push of a button while your innocent child rides it. However, if you notice your kid doesn’t want to stop playing it, or playing with it mostly when no one’s around, you should definitely worry.

Babies First Baby

Hopefully, the person who created this toy is in an asylum. Because, who would make a baby doll toy that gets pregnant at all, let alone with optional twins, complete with stretch-marks. Everything about this toy is wrong. Very wrong.