10 Of The Hottest Celebrities That Used To Work At Hooters

We all have to get our start somewhere, but there are some people who get their starts in rather surprising places. Hooters restaurants have long been the place where good looking girls wear revealing clothes and have to pretend as though they enjoy having men constantly gawking at them. Perhaps it is the women who can truly pass off the leering as entertaining are the ones who can eventually move up in the world and go into the entertainment industry. It’s likely the hottest of the hot women who work at Hooters that are able to move up as well. Without further ado, here are the 10 hottest celebrities on the planet you had no idea used to work at Hooters.

LeAnn Tweeden

LeAnn Tweeden might be best known as the host of a number of different sports talk shows, but she got those jobs thanks to her lengthy modeling career. Before she was working on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and Fox Sports Net, she was showing off her talent as a lingerie and swimsuit model. Before that, she was working in a Hooters restaurant.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is without a doubt the most famous former Hooters girl on this list. When the actress was 18, she waited tables at the popular restaurant so she could earn enough money to buy a car. Adams’ upbringing makes it even more surprising that she worked at Hooters. She’s one of seven kids brought up in a Mormon household.