20 Reasons Bill Murray Is Cooler Than You

It’s hardly a secret that Bill Murray is the king of cinema. His latest exploits seem to make their way around the internet every couple of months, each more unbelievable than the last. Whilst we all have our favorite Murray moments, there are some which even the most die hard fans have trouble believing. The man is like a walking viral sensation and even without apparently making any effort, everything that Bill Murray does makes the world go wild. He might be much older than you and have done a fair share of partying already but chances are, Bill Murray is still having more fun than you are.

He Gets Away With Stealing.

Bill Murray famously took some fries off an unsuspecting person’s plate and uttered the words “no-one will ever believe you”. And the thing is, he was kind of right. Whilst this encounter has made the internet rounds a few times, it has yet to be confirmed and still feels a bit like an urban legend. Props to Bill Murray if it’s true.

He’s Friends With Wes Anderson

Bill Murray seems to make some sort of appearance in most of Anderson’s films, even if only momentarily. In Anderson’s film Rushmore, he is reported to have paid $25,000 for a helicopter sequence, despite only being paid $9,000 for his role. That’s friendship.

He Was A Ghostbuster

Whilst Ghostbusters is fictional, Bill Murray was still employed, for a time, as a ghost hunter. Let’s face it, he most likely does it in his spare time, anyway.

He Bartends On The Sly

Bill Murray has a habit of turning up at random events and getting involved in some way. At SXSW 2010, he started serving up drinks at a bar to random people. Whatever was ordered, Murray gave them a shot of tequila.